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Hydraulic Pipe Diameter Calculator

Calculate the pipe bore size, fluid speed or pump flow in hydraulic system using this calculator.

You should know if you are calculating a Suction Pipe, Return Pipe or Pressure Pipe?

A guide to “normal” fluid speeds within these types of pipes are shown below. Calculated values for Fluid Speed v (m/s) should fall within these ranges.

Enter your known values and select units, enter a zero in your unknown value.

SUCTION PIPE:From 0.5 a 1 m/sec
RETURN PIPE:From 1,25 a 3 m/sec
PRESSURE PIPE:3,25 m/sec for Pressure up to 100 Bar
PRESSURE PIPE:From 3,5 to 5 m/sec for Pressure up to 150 Bar
PRESSURE PIPE:From 5,25 to 7 m/sec for Pressure up to 200 Bar
PRESSURE PIPE:From 7,25 to 9 m/sec for Pressure up to 350 Bar

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