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This website aims to supply information, conversions and calculations for engineers, hobbyists, teachers and students alike, mainly in the field of mechanical engineering.

We cover areas such as beam deflection calculators, information on the anodising process and conversions of length and mass.

As time allows we will add more useful information and calculators.

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As of December 2022 the site is undergoing a revamp and with this some of the links you may have bookmarked may no longer be relevant, I apologise for this but this is linked to making the website more user friendly in the long term.

Follow the links below to get started.

Information Section


Our Information pages offer information relating to various engineering components, materials and processes, such things as engineering fixings, plating processes and drawing tolerance symbols.

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Universal Converter


Our Converter is really easy to use and gives instant results, it covers such fields as acceleration, angles, area, length, force, mass, power, tensile strength and velocity. Why not give it a try?

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Calculator Section


Calculators covering such fields as area, hydraulics, sheet metal and volumes. With most of our calculators you can change the units for input and output, but if you get stuck just use our unit converter.

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