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Fastener Standards & Information

The chart below gives a cross reference for the DIN, ISO and BS Standards for various fastener types.


BS EN ISO4026 DIN913 ISO4026 Hex Socket Setscrew Flat point
BS EN ISO4027 DIN914 ISO4027 Hex Socket Setscrew Cone point
BS EN ISO4028 DIN915 ISO4028 Hex Socket Setscrew Dog point
BS EN ISO4029 DIN916 ISO4029 Hex Socket Setscrew Plain Cup point
BS3692 DIN931 ISO4014 Hexagon head bolt - part threaded
BS3692 DIN933 ISO4017 Hexagon head setscrew - fully threaded
BS3692 DIN934 ISO4032 Hexagon Full Nut
BS3692 DIN439/936 ISO4035 Hexagon Lock Nut
BS4168 DIN912 ISO4762 Hex Socket Cap
BS4168 N/A ISO7380 Hex Socket Button
BS4168 DIN7991 ISO10642 Hex Socket Countersunk
BS4174 AB DIN7981CZ ISO7049CZ Self tapping pan recess pointed
BS4174 AB DIN7982CZ ISO7050CZ Self tapping csk recess pointed
BS4174 AB DIN7983CZ ISO7051CZ Self tapping raised csk recess pointed
BS4174 AB N/A N/A Self tapping Flange recess pointed
BS4174 B DIN7981FZ ISO7049FZ Self tapping pan recess blunt
BS4174 B DIN7982FZ ISO7050FZ Self tapping csk recess blunt
BS4174 B N/A N/A Self tapping Flange recess blunt
BS4174 B DIN7971F ISO1481F Self tapping pan slotted  blunt
BS4174 B DIN7972F ISO1482F Self tapping csk slotted  blunt
BS4174AB DIN7971C ISO1481C Self tapping pan slotted pointed
BS4174AB DIN7972C ISO1482C Self tapping csk slotted pointed
BS4174AB DIN7983C ISO1483C Self tapping raised csk slotted pointed
BS4183 DIN7985 ISO7045 Pan recess machine screw
BS4183 DIN85 ISO1580 Pan slotted machine screw
BS4183 DIN965 ISO7046 Countersunk recess machine screw
BS4183 DIN963 ISO2009 Countersunk slotted machine screw
BS4183 DIN84 ISO1207 Cheese Slotted machine screw
BS4183 DIN966 ISO7047 Raised Csk Recess machine screw
BS4183 DIN964 ISO2010 Raised Csk Slotted machine screw
BS4464A DIN7980 N/A Square sect. single coil spring washer
BS4464B DIN127 N/A Rectangular sect. single coil spring washer

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