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Deep Drawing Calculator

Calculate the required force to deep draw a piece of sheet metal based on the drawing ratio, sheet thickness, and the ultimate tensile strength of the material.

The drawing ratio is a measure of the severity of the drawing operation and is the ratio of the initial blank diameter to the punch diameter.

For a given material, the limiting drawing ratio (LDR) is a measure of that material's deep drawability and is calculated from.

The largest blank that can be completely deep drawn for a given punch diameter.

The amount of draw can also be represented as the percent reduction of the blank diameter.

The calculated tonnage can be used for the selection of a machine to perform the deep drawing operation. 

We also have Air Bending Force, Bend Allowance, Spring-back and Wipe Bending Force Calculators.

Enter your sheet thickness blank diameter and punch diameter then select your material type and finally enter a safety factor, units can be selected as required.

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