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D1460 Circlips

A circlip is a type of retaining ring or fastener that takes the form of a flexible, open-ended ring, made from metal. They may also be known as retaining rings, snap rings, c-clips, or Jesus clips.

Most applications which need a part to pivot, spin, or turn, where a bearing is used, will need a circlip or lock ring fastening. Circlips are commonly used in motors, turbines and pistons.

Circlips fit into a groove on the inside of a bore or the outside of a shaft. They work as a load-bearing shoulder which positions and holds mechanical parts. They provide continuous radial force and are secure against high rotational speeds because they are retained within the groove.

The dimensional chart for D1460 Metric Heavy Duty External Circlips to DIN 471.

Dimensions shown are in mm, if you wish to convert to Inches, please use our universal converter.


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