Dimensional Charts relating to Trapezoidal Threads from8 - 95mm,100 - 195mm,200 - 295mm,300 - 560mmand600 - 1120mm.

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Trapezoidal lead screws and nuts are power transmission screw threads similar to the Acme series but made to metric dimensions and standards.

One such standard is the German Metrisches ISO-Trapezgewinde DIN 103 which has been adopted by the International Organization for Standards (ISO). Sometimes misnamed "metric Acme" or "metric M series Acme"

Trapezoidal lead screws look like Acme screws and have the same stout thread form and the same robust and durable features as the Acme series.

All Trapezoidal screws have lead angles of 5° or less making them self-locking. Trapezoidal screws will not backdrive under most conditions.

This eliminates the need for brakes or other holding devices to sustain loads after they have been positioned.

All other screws except Acme series require some braking means to prevent backdriving.

Low lead angles offer a high mechanical advantage for Trapezoidal screws. This means they require less input torque for a given load than other power screws.

The finer the threads for any given diameter, the greater the mechanical advantage.

Trapezoidal Thread DimensionsTrapezoidal Thread DimensionsTrapezoidal Thread DimensionsTrapezoidal Thread Dimensions Trapezoidal Thread Dimensions Trapezoidal Thread Dimensions